29 October 2011

The Toejam and Earl Gallery

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Toejam and Earl, mostly because I never shut up about it. It just frustrates me that there's a game so eminently replayable; a game that still stands tall 20 years on from its release, and yet nobody's even heard of it. In many ways I feel as though I'm loving it enough (and playing it enough) for the rest of the world. And so it came as no surprise to my friends and family that my next article on IGN would address the game and its longevity for its 20th birthday (in 3,000 words no less).

What also frustrated me was the absolute dearth of material on the internet concerning this fantastic game, and so I wanted to write something comprehensive that did the game justice; an 'evergreen' article that people could continue to refer to in the future. The only Toejam and Earl images on the internet were lazily screencapped within the first 5 levels with only one player present on the screen.  For a game known for its cooperative two-player, this would not do. So I called my sister in for a playthrough and we tried to capture the essence of Toejam and Earl's trademark madness and humour in pictures. These are those pictures:

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