21 October 2011

Going Batty

A funny thing happened to me at the EB Expo this year.  A Warner Bros. rep asked me if I was a Batman fan.  I was a bit coy with him - I told him I had two bookshelves full of comics and that Batman took up two of those shelves - but I was reticent to admit that he was my favourite comic book character.  I just said that he must be a great character, because nearly every great comic book writer has had a Batman story in them.

When I got home, my wife asked me if I was going to get the new Batman game (word travels fast).  I was coy with her too; I just told her that I don't usually buy new release videogames because they're too expensive.

Flash forward to yesterday.  I have a shower, eat breakfast, wash my hands with my Batman handwash, pack my Batman backpack studded with Batman badges and go to work.  On my lunch break, I look up Arkham City on Ecogamer *just to check* what price it's going for.  The price is right.  I order lunch and read a Batman comic while I eat.  I walk into the store and I purchase Arkham City.  I take it back to work and put it in my Batman bag.  At 5 o'clock I race home, pull the game out of my Bat-pack and start playing.

Yeah, I might be a Batman fan.

[This post was written while wearing a Superman shirt.]

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