10 April 2008

Wii Sports: As Good As It Gets?

I could spend an entire blog post arguing the merits of Wii Sports as the Wii's best game, but I won't.

Best. Game. Ever.

crazed_ninty_fanboi3000 posted:

"OMFG WTF?! Did teh_red_baron just say Wii Sports is teh best Wii gamez?! LAFF! 'Sif!"

In many ways, it is. From the point of view that its motion controls are unparalleled on the Wii thus far; it's accessible to almost anybody due to its intuitive control; it sells systems; and it is a compendium of pure, unadulterated fun.

With the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and its subsequent praise from IGN, it struck me that despite Wii Sports' clear demonstration of the Wii's control possibilities and its sporting chops, we are yet to see a sporting title, nay, a title proper that rivals its IR implementation and motion control. The Wii has tennis games, bowling games, and boxing games in their own right, and yet none of them come close to matching the precision control or feel of any one segment of Wii Sports.

That to me is a disgrace, but it all comes back to one central issue: developers don't know how to implement IR and motion controls.

Look at the finest examples of Wii controls: Wii Sports, WarioWare, and Metroid Prime 3. They're all first party Nintendo titles. I think the onus is on Nintendo to encourage the effective use of the Wii's control possibilities - it's supposed to be the defining aspect of the console, and they're allowing it to be passed over.

Disrespect for the elderly? More please!

Is Wii Sports as good as it gets? Are you excited about the future of sporting on Wii? Who's doing it right and who needs to get their act together?

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